European Association For Distance Learning (EADL)

The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) is the largest online education association in Europe. Its mission is to represent all European private and non-governmental organizations that provide highquality distance learning.

EADL aims to improve the quality of online education to ensure maximum benefit to students, valuing good practices based on scientific evidence. All of its members must meet Quality Standards and comply with its Code of Ethics and Conduct. The membership of the EADL is considered a great seal of quality across Europe.

Through our executive director in the United States, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira, we are associate members of EADL and signatories to the standards of quality, ethics, and conduct of the European institution.

United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

USDLA is the world’s largest distance education association, and its mission is to support the development and application of online teaching and training worldwide.

Through our executive director in the United States, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira, we are associate members of the USDLA and signatories of the quality standards of the American institution.

Consequently, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our 100% online training programs offered by BBI of Chicago in Brazil and worldwide.

BBI of CHICAGO also adheres to the USDLA Code of Conduct, operating consistently with the following principles:

– Practice of ethical principles
– Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements
– Compliance with USDLA technical standards

Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA)

We are proudly associated with the FDLA through our executive director in the United States, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira.


FDLA aims to establish a cooperation network for developing innovative technologies for distance learning and knowledge exchange between educational institutions in the State of Florida, United States.

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Through our Academic Director in the United States, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira, BBI OF CHICAGO is an associate member of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).


The AAUP’s mission is to promote academic freedom and shared governance, uphold fundamental professional standards for higher education and ensure that university education contributes to the common good.


Founded in 1915, the AAUP helped shape American higher education by developing the standards and procedures that maintain the quality of education and academic freedom at colleges and universities across the United States.

National Association of Scholars

Through our Academic Director in the United States, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira, BBI OF CHICAGO is an associate member of the National Association of Scholars.


The National Association of Scholars is a non-profit organization that seeks to reform higher education by upholding standards of an education that promotes intellectual freedom, searches for truth, and promotes virtuous citizenship through the academic freedom of faculty and students.


The neutrality of the university with freedom from ideological imposition to prioritize education as the main objective of the academy, providing an understanding of the nature of democratic institutions, including representative government, defending the principles of the rule of law, and taking a positive role in shaping life public.

International Certificate of Excellence (ICE) ​

The International Certificate of Excellence (ICE) issued by BBI of Chicago is a quality assurance for professionals in all market segments. To obtain certification, the student must have attended at least 70% of the training classes, in addition to completing the basic knowledge assessments that are passed throughout the course.

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BBI of Chicago has a teaching method from American and European universities that ensures all learning is absorbed by the students.

For each module, there is a cycle that ensures content absorption, not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

Video Lessons

Video lessons by experts enable knowledge to pass into short-term memory.

Articles, Cases and Complementary Reading

Application of the theory learned through articles, cases and complementary texts. The knowledge of short-term memory is decoded into long term memory.


Live Hangouts with specialists throughout the training, where they ask questions, perform dynamics and chat with the class. Student knowledge is consolidated in long-term memory.


The student performs a basic test to ensure that the knowledge is in their long-term memory.