Nano MBA in Coding and Computer Science


16 hours

Payment value

R$259,00 / mês em 12 meses.



New Leaders Program is a partnership between BBI of Chicago/CBI of Miami and Harvard Student Agencies.


Four days of intensive educational training for the new leaders of the 21st century.


The Nano MBA in Coding and computer science is a intensive introduction to the enterprise of computer science through the lens of programming in Python. In addition to the overarching themes of abstraction and algorithmic thinking, students will learn fundamental building blocks of procedural programming including variables, conditions, loops, functions, and file input/output.


By the end of this course, you will be able to further study all that can be accomplished with Python or bootstrap yourself into learning another language; empowering you to become a life-long student of computer science!

Our curriculum, designed by Harvard students concentrating in computer science, is geared towards teaching new leaders of the 21st century the fundamentals of coding.

The New Leaders training program also includes BBI of Chicago’s best selling online course: Power BI for Data Analysis.

  • The course has 4 live meetings


  • Dates: May 13, 14, 20 and 21


  • 100% online


  • 15 students per class


  • The student will receive one digital certificate of completion from Harvard Student Agencies and one digital certificate of completion for the Power BI for Data Analysis course from BBI of Chicago


Introductions & Icebreakers

Week Overview & Skill Level Analysis

Fundamentals of Computer Science Lecture

Python Basics Lecture & Introduction to Strings

Problem Set: Faces

Creating Dynamic Programs Lecture & Introduction to Only/While Loops

Problem Set: Fahrenheit, Conversion, Hours, Mad Libs


Introduction to For Loops

Problem Set: Mario

Data Structures Lecture: Functions & Lists

Problem Set: Quidditch & Lister

Data Structure Lecture (cont'd): Indexing Strings

Problem Set: Initials


Topic Review

Problem Set: Counting, Reverse, & Decreasing

Data Structures Lecture (cont'd): String Manipulations & Methods

Problem Set: Caesar


Data Structures Lecture (cont'd): Sets, Dictionaries, & Nested Lists

Problem Set: Zip & Unzip

Game Time

Harvard Q&A

in Brazil and USA*

Student Testimonials


Stopping by to thank you for the impact you had on my career! I had a lot of trouble with this communication issue, for being reserved and for having difficulty telling a story and not being drawn out and tiring. The MBA Jr courses with André and the Public Speaking course helped me a lot, mainly because they dealt with Storytelling and Body Language. I managed to stand out in two selection processes that I participated and I was already called for one, where I started to work. I received a very good feedback regarding my communication and for that, I would like to say a big thank you to Rodrigo Lang and everyone at BBI!


I have always been extremely interested in this area, even though I was studying Law, and it was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. I didn’t have to think twice to decide to take the course, and today I found myself. In addition to being able to put my studies into practice daily, I can also provide training to my EJ team on a variety of topics, including behavior, negotiation, techniques to negotiate on principles, etc.


I started the MBA in the beginning of this year, in Extension in Behavioral Management. The distance format is incredible due to greater flexibility and the fact that at the same time it doesn’t leave us far from those who teach each module, since at the end of each one there is a live hangout! I am loving all modules, but I’d like to praise the trading module in particular. I have already managed to apply several practices taught in my daily life. Thanks for the initiative, Lang. Big hug.
Nano MBA in Coding and Computer Science

New Leaders Program is a partnership between BBI of Chicago/CBI of Miami and Harvard Student Agencies.

Four days of intensive educational training for the new leaders of the 21st century.


16 hours

payment value

12 installments

R$259,00 / mês em 12 meses.


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