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New Leaders Program is a partnership between BBI of Chicago/CBI of Miami and Harvard Student Agencies.


Four days of intensive educational training for the new leaders of the 21st century.


The Pre-Med course covers various topics within Pre-Med including content modules on genetic inheritance, hormones and organic chemistry. The program also explores case studies on various diseases of the human body.


This course is organized into 3 categories: content modules, case studies on disease and the pre-medical path. The content modules serve as a sample for foundational material that is integral to success in pre-medical classes, but also as a prospective physician. The three topics we have decided to cover are significant because they all play a special role in understanding diseases, as well as how to treat them.

The first content module is genetic inheritance. In this section, you will learn about the basic molecules that store information about your genetics, how this information is converted to proteins and how it is passed on from one generation to the next. We will also look at how genetic information is manipulated and altered by the environment, and then will go through two examples of genetic disorders.

In the second content module, we explore the diverse world of hormones: what they are and how they work. We will study the three different types of hormones and investigate how they are regulated inside the body.

The last content module provides you with an introduction to organic chemistry. We will see what it means for a molecule to be organic, and how chemists name various functional groups.

The case studies component will not only prepare you for this program’s final activity, but also walks you through the process of understanding disease. We have placed an emphasis on how diseases are deviations from what is considered to be normal within the body by investigating how these “normal” processes work and what goes wrong to produce a disease-state.

Lastly, the pre-medical path was designed to give you a sense of the journey that you all will embark upon in the near future.

The New Leaders training program also includes CBI of Miami’s best selling online course: Child Development and complete behavioral evaluation.

  • The course has 4 live meetings


  • Dates: July 16, 17, 23 and 24


  • 100% online


  • 15 students per class


  • The student will receive one digital certificate of completion from Harvard Student Agencies and one digital certificate of completion for the Child Development and complete behavioral evaluation course from CBI of Miami


Introductions & Icebreakers

Program Overview & Final Project Introduction

Module: Genetics

Genetics Interactive Activity

Group Work Time: Disease Preferences


Module: Immunology

CRISPR Case Study

Final Project Group Work

How to be Pre-Med + Q&A


Introduction to Organic Chemistry

ORGO Module 1: Hydrocarbons & Alkanes

ORGO Module 2: Alkyl Side Groups & Naming

ORGO Module 3: Other Side Groups

Final Practice & Wrap Up



Harvard Q&A

in Brazil and USA*

Student Testimonials


Stopping by to thank you for the impact you had on my career! I had a lot of trouble with this communication issue, for being reserved and for having difficulty telling a story and not being drawn out and tiring. The MBA Jr courses with André and the Public Speaking course helped me a lot, mainly because they dealt with Storytelling and Body Language. I managed to stand out in two selection processes that I participated and I was already called for one, where I started to work. I received a very good feedback regarding my communication and for that, I would like to say a big thank you to Rodrigo Lang and everyone at BBI!


I have always been extremely interested in this area, even though I was studying Law, and it was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. I didn’t have to think twice to decide to take the course, and today I found myself. In addition to being able to put my studies into practice daily, I can also provide training to my EJ team on a variety of topics, including behavior, negotiation, techniques to negotiate on principles, etc.


I started the MBA in the beginning of this year, in Extension in Behavioral Management. The distance format is incredible due to greater flexibility and the fact that at the same time it doesn’t leave us far from those who teach each module, since at the end of each one there is a live hangout! I am loving all modules, but I’d like to praise the trading module in particular. I have already managed to apply several practices taught in my daily life. Thanks for the initiative, Lang. Big hug.

New Leaders Program is a partnership between BBI of Chicago/CBI of Miami and Harvard Student Agencies.

Four days of intensive educational training for the new leaders of the 21st century.


16 hours

payment value

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R$259,00 / mês em 12 meses.


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